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Copia Automation is dedicated to providing best-in-class security for our customers. We understand that the files stored with us represents important IP, oftentimes critical infrastructure or production processes.

Here are some highlights of our security program:

  • Encryption. We provide end-to-end encryption for data-at-rest and data-in-transit by leveraging AWS's cloud solutions. Production and back-up versions of your files are always encrypted, so even if an attacker were to somehow access our systems they wouldn't be able to access your files.
  • Auditing. We have internal monitoring and logging to track user behavior on our website. This enables us to track employee actions as well as potential actions of any attacker.
  • Battle Tested Infra. We leverage backend systems that are used by thousands of companies such AWS, Cloudflare, Git, and open-source backend solutions that have been picked over by hundreds of developers for security flaws and gaps.
  • Product Access. We enable you to gate access to your files within Copia itself. You can choose to provide access to particular files or gate users so that they only have read-access privileges. In other words, we provide a complete set of functionality to manage orgs & teams.

We view security as an ongoing process, the rest of this document gives details about our existing security protocols as well as ongoing projects we have to tighten our access controls.

Finally, our security requirements are often driven by our customer's requirements. Please don't hesitate to reach out to if you have a requirement that is missing here.

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